Thursday, March 26, 2009

Resource Log, Entry 21-25

#21 - This website is a paper that is on the fundamentals of curriculum development. It covers a lot, but in a very condensed way.

#22 - This website is on Curriculum Theory and Practice, stated from the website, "The organization of schooling and further education has long been associated with the idea of a curriculum. But what actually is curriculum, and how might it be conceptualized? We explore curriculum theory and practice and its relation to informal education."

#23 - I also found a site, This site also had a lot of good information on it, but nothing I think I would cite directly. I did find the below paragraph that fosters some political-based answers.

#24 - I found a fantastic site called I has never heard of this site before, I had a question about the changing role of govenment in education and I found a great answer there, "The debate will continue about the changing role of government in education, but there is considerable practical innovation and experimentation taking place globally that points to an acceptance of the changing role for government in educational delivery."

#25 - Encarta has always been one of my favorite sites. This time I was looking for information on the history of education. Now this can be a huge topic, but the page I found was clear in discription and very helpful with factual information.

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