Thursday, March 26, 2009

Resource Log, Entry 41-45

#41 - This web page is a paper called, "Constructivism, Instructional Design, and Technology: Implications for Transforming Distance Learning." It is an in-depth look at distance learning under the umbrella of constructivism, instructional design, and technology.

#42 - This paper is called, "Constructing on Constructivism: The Role of Technology."
The purpose of this paper, as noted directly in the paper, was to "examine the interrelationship between constructivism and technology as revealed by empirical research."

#43 - There is a google book called, "Educational Foundations: An Anthology of Critical Readings." Accorging to the book discription it, "provides an exciting alternative to foundations texts currently on the market. This anthology is aimed at students about to enter the teaching profession, those new to the profession, and anyone interested in carefully examining schools and schooling."

#44 - There is a website called K12 Academics. On one of the pages there is a great resource on the thoery of constructivism and constructivist learning intervention.

#45 - There is an article called, "The Influence of Constructivism on the Instructional Practices of Teachers." This article discussed the viewpoint of the constructivist teacher, and how curriculum is effected by thier views.

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