Thursday, March 26, 2009

Resource Log, Entry 46-50

#46 - This is a Wikipedia page on, "Constructivist teaching methods." It has concrete definations as well as a discussion of theory. There are links for additional research.

#47 - This page is titled, "Assessment in a Constructivist Classroom." It is all about assessments that are based in constructivism.

#48 - This article is called, "Using Technology Tools to Engage Students with Multiple Learning Styles in a Constructivist Learning Environment." It is summarized on the site by, "students’ perceptions of their learning experience and understanding of course content were considered in
analyzing the effectiveness of technology used to address multiple learning styles in a constructivist environment."

#49 - This page is simply entitled, "Constructivism." The article written is an indepth look at constructivism - definitions, examples, theories, etc. It also has a technology tie-in.

#50 - This web page is titled, "Constructivism Learning Theory." This page focuses on student responsibility in a constructivist classroom. The role of the student, and student responsibility, magnify when they are in control (to a degree) of thier own learning.

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