Thursday, March 26, 2009

Resource Log, Entry 31-35

#31 - I found a website called Constructivsm: Knowledge Building in the Secondary Classroom. On one of the main pages there was a page called, "Constructivism as an Epistemology." This page contained a bulleted history on several theorists. Also, there were links provided that offered more information on each. This is an excellent resource for theorists.

#32 - I found a website on Seymour Papert. On the website, "Today Papert is considered the world's foremost expert on how technology can provide new ways to learn. He has carried out educational projects on every continent, some of them in remote villages in developing countries." This guy knew how technology was going to bew an essential classroom tool before anyone.

#33 - This is a great Wiki entry for Consructivism. It offers a through defination as well as tons of external links.

#34 - This website is called, "Constructivist Learning Design." The site says, "This paper represents a collaborative effort of two teacher educators to articulate a constructivist approach to "designing for learning" rather than planning for teaching. The "Constructive Learning Design" we are using now has been through a variety of revisions in the past seven years and now emphasizes these six important elements: Situation, Groupings, Bridge, Questions, Exhibit, and Reflections."

#35 - This website is called, "Institute for Inquirn." The page I was looking at was called, "Constructivist Learning Theory." This page discussed Constructivism in regards to museum education.

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