Friday, February 6, 2009

Reflections Journal, Week 7

I found a website called, “The Constructivist Consortium," I noted it in my log. What really drew me to this site was the conference that was attached to it. I think we’ve all been to conferences and if we know anything technology isn’t usually conference friendly. Sure the presenters usually has tech tools, and may share a PowerPoint or demo, and there might be a few attendees with their own laptops, but beyond that the technology usually stops. How on earth could this conference teach on technology and constructivism and not offer it hands-on – actually it sounds a bit contradictory. This has been bugging me, so I went back to the website and looked deeper into the conference. The few pictures that they have on the website show participants with laptops out and working. I read over the offerings, and way at the bottom there was a note, “please bring your laptop and digital camera.” This conference is no joke. There not looking for novice tech people, they’re looking for folks that know their way around. Seeing as how this is an annual conference, they look as if they have most of the bugs worked out. I’d love to attend this conference, it looks like a it would be a blast!


  1. I am a professional development THANK YOU for the great resource (with access to the conference)...attending a tech and learning conference in which I work hands-on is probably the most beneficial type of PD I come across!

  2. I ran across this resource in my search as well. It looks like a great professional development opportunity.