Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 1 Discussion

Question: What is my reaction to this course overview?
Answer: Like anything new, I find it completely overwhelming! But, and this is a big one, I am calmed by the thought of students everywhere looking over a foreign syllabus and trying to construct meaning out of terms that aren't yet a regular part of their vocabulary. This is going to be an exciting adventure!

Question: How do I feel about a 100% constructivist and collaborative course like this?
Answer: I think offering students a more constructivist approach is the best way to teach. Sure call be biased, but I've seen it work, and work well. I'm not naive enough to think it is the only way, or that another approach might be better for different students, but I am fond of constructivism. In addition, I also think that by marring constructivism and technology together, a beautiful byproduct is created.

Question: How do you feel about publishing your learning on wiki's and blogs?
Answer: I'm indifferent about publishing. In some cases I think that something I publish my be of assistance to someone out there, but on the other hand somewhere out there is a really big place - it's a bit overwhelming to think about it.

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