Friday, January 23, 2009

Resource Log, Entry 7-10

I found these links while out surfing the net. I really enjoyed the content, I hope you will too!

#7 This link is to a document. This document is titled, "Is Constructivism Universal: In Search of Meaningful Technology in Morocco and Namibia." I have to honestly say haven't gotten to read this document in the depth that I'd like to, but I really did find what I read to this point fascinating. I'm going to save the rest of my comments for my next reflection blog.

#8 This link is to an online book, well it looks like a book. Anyway, this is a really informative tool for constructivism and technology integration in the classroom. I really think I'm going to save this one for future reference. I really like the lesson integration within the document.

#9 This link leads to a publication that is a resources for existing teachers that are new to the whole constructivism and technology integration thing. This publication seems to serve as a "how-to" guide for teachers wanting to enrich their classrooms with hands-on technology.

#10 This last link is just a really great source for using as a citation for a possible document in this class, as well as other EDTC classes.

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  1. I looked through that book like thing. It has a great definition of constructivism and outlines nicely what a learner centered classroom looks like. Seems like a great resource.