Thursday, May 7, 2009

Resource Log, Entry 71-75

#71 - This website discusses increased student responsibility in constructivist classrooms and several of the instructional tools used in constructivist classrooms that relinquish the responsibility of learning and constructing new knowledge to the student.

#72 - This is an excerpt from a WikiBook about constructivism. I thought it was relevant to our topic because this section focuses on the learner as an individual and the responsibility of learning. URL -

#73 - This is an excerpt from a paper entitled “Constructivism”. This paper was published on a website. I think it was published by Georgia State University. I thought this piece of the paper related to our topic because it discusses student initiative in constructivism.

#74 - This website disscuss constructivism in within the realm of K-12 education.

#75 - - This website is a Wiki on constructivist teaching methods.

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