Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reflections Journal, Week 14

4. Please compare the experience of doing research and authoring a textbook for a class (like this one) versus the traditional way of reading and studying an assigned textbook for a class.

I prefer reading and studying a text, as I don’t believe that authoring was the experience this class was intended to teach. I feel awfully narrowminded saying this, but I really do thrive in classes that are more stuctured in content as opposed to what we did this semester.

5. As a result of your experience in this class, are you more likely or less likely to assign collaborative wiki writing assignments in your teaching situation? Please explain the reasons you are more or less likely to do so.

I would, but not for an entire course of study. I think these Wiki's are a great idea! I'd love to see students do a collaborative work on a particular area of study. But in order to reach more learning preferences I'd like to add images or perhaps a video to the mix.

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