Friday, February 6, 2009

Resource Log, Entry 16-20

#16 I found a website called, “The Constructivist Consortium.” This is a great general site, I thought the description they offered was really good. “The Constructivist Consortium was established in 2007 by leading educational technology publishers committed to student empowerment, creative applications of computers and the availability of high-quality open-ended materials. This consortium seeks to differentiate member companies and their products from the rest of a cluttered industry.” Direct quote taken from the site,
This site also has a link for an upcoming conference, I think they are sponsoring it.

#17 I found a fantastic resource, well, it’s more like a school plan for creating a technological constructivist environment. It is titled, “Constructivist Teaching With Technology: Learning With Laptops.” The website is This is a very through plan that details every step of technology inclusion and the bumps and bruises along the way.

#18 I found my first applicable ebook! It is called, “Constructivism and the Technology of Instruction: A Conversation.” It is at It is really on target for this class, particularly there is a chapter called, “Technology Meets Constructivism:
Do They Make a Marriage?” This chapter really encompasses the inclusion of technology into constructivism. It discusses the “relationship” that can exist, and how it is formed, between technology and constructivism.

#19 This next website is, It is a site that offers a constructivist partnered with technology view. The page that I was most excited about was focused on adding GPS in a constructivist way into curriculum. The title of the page was, "The Design of a Constructivist Learning Experience that uses GPS Technology."
#20 My last website is a Edutech Wiki entitled, “Constructivism.” It is at, and was put on the web in 2007. I think, for me, this has been one of my greatest finds because it has really helped me to understand the project we are working to build in this class and what it may end up looking like.

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